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Inside the mind of a London-based SEO consultant.

An experienced, ROI-driven digital marketer, helping internationally-renowned brands connect with their customers online. I’m also an aspiring futurist and occasional industry writer and speaker, with credits across The Drum, Search Engine Watch and Brighton SEO. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to experience life from many different angles – both in terms of the industries I’ve operated in and the types of organisations I’ve been a part of – and this has helped to shape my approach to my work.

Beginning in Summer 2013, my fascination with all things digital started in social media, supporting local businesses and learning how to beat Facebook’s (at the time) pioneering “Edgerank” algorithm. By mid-2014, I’d secured a role at globally-renowned digital media agency, iCrossing, which was where I learned the basics of SEO and PPC, cutting my teeth on the multi-award-winning L’Oreal account.

Following a short, but insightful period client-side at Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, I joined start-up agency Three Whiskey in May 2016. As full-time employee #4, the environment was very different to anything I’d experienced to date; fast-paced with a freedom (and ultimate responsibility) to make things happen. It was here that I gained exposure to the compliance-led world of pharmaceuticals and the complexities this brings to search.

Towards the start of 2017, I was hired into Croud, which at the time was a small independent company, with a mission to revolutionise how agencies operated. I had the privilege of leading SEO (and over time, more broadly “web marketing”) for global B2B giant Regus, with a remit stretching across over 100 markets and 3000 brick-and-mortar locations. For me, this was a major turning point in my career, as within 18 months, I’d been nominated for two individual and three project-focused awards, had doubled “Places” traffic and increased overall channel revenue by over 30%.

I’ve since been hired as an SEO Director at iProspect, where I lead conversations around search marketing for businesses that work with our sister agency Carat, including major UK banks and confectionary brands. I’m currently SEO Consultant at Yext, helping brands achieve perfect answers everywhere and control the flow and accuracy of their information online. While I’ve accomplished many of the professional goals I have set myself, for me, marketing is more than a way to make a living; it’s my genuine passion. This is why I have set up ricrodriguez.co.uk – to write about my experiences, discuss ideas and test a few theories. I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to the joining the SEO debate.

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